How we found the Delgado Family


I had a companion in Panama (San Miguelito) who bought some firecrackers in the Canal Zone and lit them all up and down the street as we were tracting one morning.  The neighborhood kids loved it.


Believe it or not, it may have been because of his firecrackers that we found, taught and baptized a golden family.


For some reason, Elder Pierson wouldn't come to the door with me that day.  I think he was mad at me for something.  So I was doing the door approaches by myself while he stayed out in the street.


Just as I introduced us as representatives of Jesus Christ - Boom! - he blew one up in the mailbox.  I didn't know what to say.


After a moment of stunned silence, Sister Delgado just laughed and laughed and then invited us in.


We had a wonderful discussion and came back that night and taught her whole family.  We developed a close relationship and a bond of love that I still feel to this day.


Here’s a photo:  Does anyone know if they are still active?