Interview with Dr. Jan Graf, D.C.


Transcription of interview audiotaped by Tim and Carol Malone.This interview took place in St. George, Utah, on May 3, 1995 in the offices of Dr. Jan Graf.Dr. Grafís wife, Gretchen was also present.It was recorded with his written permission.The questions highlighted in bold are questions I had written out in advance, which he would read and respond to.This is an edited version in which all of my additional questions and commentary have been removed.The interview took about an hour.I was a little concerned when he first started as I noticed how short his answers were, but he got warmed up in the third set.I thought his responses in the fourth and fifth sections were very profound and insightful.His comments provide a much clearer understanding of the basis for the Graf stress management technique.


As there were 25 questions asked, I have a list of each question up front with links to the answers.


1. What is stress?

2. What causes stress?

3. Are there different kinds of stress?

4. Is stress bad?If so, why?

5. How can we get rid of stress?


6. What are the energy fields of the body?

7. How did you learn about these energy fields?

8. How do you know that the energy fields exist?

9. How and why do you 'balance' the energy fields?

10. Where can I read more about the body's energy fields?


11. What is meant by the 'polarity' of the energy fields?

12. What do you mean by the 'north stimulus' and the 'south stimulus'?

13. How did you discover these and learn how they worked?

14. How do you know that the body has positive and negative energy?

15. How and why do you 'draw off' negative energy from others?


16. When did you first begin to use kinesiology or muscle-response testing?

17. What do you mean when you say 'questioning the intelligence'?

18. How do you know that our 'intelligence' can tell us what illnesses we have?

19. How do you use muscle-response testing to discover a person's illnesses?

20. Can muscle-response testing be used to discover more than illnesses?


21. How and when did you first encounter 'negative entities' in your work?

22. Just exactly what are 'negative entities' and how do they influence us?

23. How do you know of the reality of their existence and influence today?

24. Can negative entities actually 'possess' us?If so, how do they do this?

25. How can we be sure that we are free of negative entities and their influence?



What is stress?To me, it is the inability to cope with whatever is going on in a personís life, whatever that happens to be.


What causes stress?Anything that causes a person to be out of their comfort zone or out of their normal day-to-day activities would be stressful.


Are there different kinds of stress?Iíve previously talked about the seven stresses (see transcription of videotaped seminar in Las Vegas, NV August 1984) such as physical, mental, emotional, psychological, environmental, fear and guilt.Iím sure there are probably others, but those are the main ones Iíve encountered as Iíve worked with people.


Is stress bad?Iím sure that stress can motivate you to do things.Itís a great motivator to get something done to eliminate it.I think that it can be bad if we canít see a way to deal with it.We have all these stresses in our life.Itís only when we canít cope with it that we call it stress.


How can we get rid of stress?I donít know that you can really get rid of stress, but I do think you can manage stress.There are ways of managing stress.As long as we live on this earth weíre going to have stress.Thatís a given.Itís how we deal with it that makes the difference.


What are the energy fields of the body? I went to a seminar on Dr. Ted Morterís Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique somewhere back in 1978.Up until then I had never heard anything about energy fields other than auras and chakras and a few words like that.I really didnít understand much about it.And I donít know that I understood it any more when I got through.However, I do know that I actually felt a drain or a drawing of energy when he worked on me.Thatís the only way that I can describe it.I actually felt a heaviness in my foot as negative energy was being drawn from it.


That was my first introduction to the energy fields of the body.Dr. Morter had the energy fields divided up into a number of different areas.I found as I began to work with it, that it was a little different than the way he had it divided up.He had a whole lot different method of checking the energy fields and doing different things that I no longer feel the need to do.


How did you learn about these energy fields?How did it come to me?Itís just kind of came into my mind: ďIf you do this, then this, and this, then you donít have to do it that way.If you do this, then thatís how you do it.ĒIím referring to balancing the energy fields and working with the energy fields.At that time I was practicing as a chiropractor and this was in addition to chiropractic work.Thatís how I started out.Dr. Morterís method was supplementary to chiropractic.As I began to work with it, I discovered other things and ways that would make it easier.


At first one of the main things we did was balance the energy field.Dr. Morter had a method of doing it that was kind of obscure.He had me close one eye and do all kinds of different things.But I discovered that they were a lot of things that just werenít necessary.I found that by touching the thymus and pineal area it would switch the energy fields.That was the method we used from then on to balance the energy fields.I found that the most common area of weakness in the energy field was in the feet.There were other areas that would go weak, but that was the most common.


At one time I felt like it was really important that we know all about all the energy fields and how to balance them and work with them.Later on I realized that that was just some basic stuff that I needed to understand so that I could understand forgiveness and a whole lot of other things.At the time that I gave that talk (1984), I think I talked quite a bit about our different energy fields. My feeling since then is that all thatís not necessary.All we need to do is to balance the energy fields at first or at the start of a session and that would take care of the rest.So thatís what I now do.


How do you know that the energy fields exist?I noticed changes when we did change or move the energy fields around.The other reason I know that they exist is because I can demonstrate them with a magnet or with a heating pad or anything.In fact I can show you.I had a person the other day whose energy fields came off probably about a foot, which is considered unusual in most people.I draw the magnet off about that far (he demonstrates with his hand about a foot off his body) and it still was there. It was still strong.I had to pull off even further to be outside of the energy field.We have been able to demonstrate it over and over and over again.That would be the evidence.And though I canít see them, some people do have the ability to see auras.†† I donít have that ability.†† I guess everyone is different in their ability to see energy and to see different things.Thatís in the area of having spiritual gifts: the ability to see things.For me, itís enough that I can demonstrate it.Not everybody has to see it.


How and why do you balance energy fields?How we balance the energy fields is by moving it from one area to another.There are 28 different areas or energy fields we have discovered on the body.We move the energy around the body clockwise, then from the top of the head to the feet, and then back to the top of the head.Why we balance the energy fields is because that for good health, we apparently need to have equal energy throughout all the different areas of our bodies.When a person canít deal with stress in their life, that causes a deflection of energy or a leak, or whatever you want to call it.I donít even know what it is called.But there is an imbalance in energy.Thatís what takes place at the time of stress.Itís important that there is equal energy throughout the bodyís energy fields.I canít demonstrate it flow, but I can demonstrate it by moving it around.


Where can we read more about the bodyís energy fields?†† George Ritchie in his book, Return from Tomorrow, described a kind of energy field filled with light that radiated off about six to eight inches that physical beings have and that the spirits that he saw didnít have.I assume thatís the energy field that weíve been talking about.I know that there are a lot of people doing research on chakras and auras and things like that.I have also read articles that they have been able to photograph energy fields of objects by placing them on photographic film plates with no source of light available.


What is meant by the polarity of the energy fields?My experience has been that the right hand is the north stimulus and the left hand is the south.The two extremes are opposite extended.This one (right index finger) gives energy and this one (left index finger) draws.I have no method to back that up.I just know from experience that thatís what it is.In the Middle East if a person does something bad, the worst thing that can happen is that they cut off their right hand.If they steal or something like that, they cut off their right hand because then they can no longer touch people.All they have is their left hand and apparently thatís offensive.There are countries or groups of people that have strong feelings about the use of the left and right hands.


When I was a fixer beforeÖ as a chiropractor you have a tendency to want to fix things.Early on in my practice and in the early days of practicing stress management, I was more into fixing people.We would question about physical problems and might find that it was important to put energy in.We would then use a north stimulus and they would feel energy flowing into the body.


A good example has to do with the ligament in the spine called the sacrococcygeal.Itís at the end of the spinal cord down by the tailbone or the coccyx.There is a fine ligament that anchors the cord in place.Around that ligament there are what are called the cauda equina or, literally, the horseís tail.Itís all the nerves that come off the end of the cord and go down along around this ligament.From there they branch out and go to the legs and the middle abdominal areas.


That ligament can be torn or stretched very easily.A fall on the tailbone or heavy lifting can cause it to be stretched or torn.When that happens it allows the spinal cord to tend to draw toward the brain.Itís carried in suspension there.When that ligament is torn, the cord tends to draw up towards the brain.As it does so, it puts pressure on these nerves that are going out through the various openings.


As chiropractors weíre taught to adjust these vertebrae and that would relieve the pressure on the ribs.What I found was you can adjust that and thatís fine for a while.But then they go back out because thatís not the problem.In fact it is going back into place.But the problem is that the cord drawing up is putting pressure on the nerves.What I found is that with energy I could correct that ligament.


The first fellow that I had an experience with that was working out of doors in the field.He was checking oil tanks.Apparently it had been raining.As he was climbing down the ladder off the oil tank, his feet slipped and he fell.He was falling down the ladder and he grabbed a hold of the ladder to stop his fall.Unfortunately, he just jerked his body and really hurt his lower back.For a year heíd gone from chiropractor to medical doctor to being in traction for a week at a time all - different kinds of therapies trying to relieve this pain.He was fine as long as he was standing up, but as soon as he sat down, he would begin to have pain in his lower back.


He had come in with his wife.We first worked with her on some things.When we got through, she said that he was the one that had the problem.She said that he had had this back problem for the past year and told me what had happened.I pictured in my mind that he had a problem with a vertebrae.Thatís when I was still practicing as a chiropractor.So I adjusted his back.He said, "it always feels better after I get an adjustment, but as soon as I sit down for a while, it starts to hurt again."He sat down in the chair for a minute and said it still hurts.Well, I thought okay, lets utilize this questioning to find out what the problem is.


I got out my little trusty book here and started going through it.I looked at it to try and figure out what it was that I wanted to question about.I came to this description of the lower back and so I asked something about the sacrococcygeal and the cauda equina, where the colon area is.I thought that would make some surgeon sweat to correct that.I said, ďWhatís he going to do with all those little fine ligaments and those little fine nerves to have him correct that ligament?ĒHe said, ďWhy donít you do it?ĒI said, ďIím not a surgeon, I canít do thatĒ.He said, ďno, but why donít you do that with your fingers, with energy, like you did those things on my wife?Why donít you try it?ĒI said, ďOK.Weíve got nothing to lose here.Ē


We questioned as to what needed to happen.It was a north stimulus to correct the ligament.Apparently this one puts energy in (right index finger) and this oneís the healer (left index finger).We began to put energy in.As we did it, he started giving me a running description of what was going on.He said, ďitís like the nerves are drawing up my leg and the spinal cord is coming down my back.ĒI had asked him where it bothered him and he said, ďdown hereĒ.Iím saying, ďno, up in hereĒ.He said, ďitís down here where it snappedĒ.He was indicating the coccyx.It was the tailbone that he was talking about.He continued giving me a running description.


I said, ďIs it drawing together?ĒHe replied, ďitís still painful, but itís pulling together. Now the pain is starting to relaxĒ.He continued giving me this running description.Then he said, ďIt came back and felt like itís in place.Thereís a weave going on.Itís smaller then and I could do with my finger.Itís so small, this weave thatís taking place in the backĒ.Then he said, ďItís doneĒ.I asked, ďHow do you know itís done?Ē He said, ďBecause itís stopped.ĒAnd I said, Ďokayí.He got up off the table and sat down in the chair for a minute.Then he said, ďit feels pretty good, but Iíll call you when I get home to Kanab.Ē


He drove about 80 miles to Kanab and gave me a call.He said, ďWell, it worked.Iíll be there again to see you in the morning.ĒI said, ďwait a minute, if it worked then why are you coming down in the morning?ĒďWellĒ, he said, ďI was showing off for my wife.I told her I could touch the floor flat-handed and I just popped it againĒ.He says, ďIíll come down and let you fix it again.I wonít be showing off anymore.ĒHe came down the next morning and as we went through it, he described the same thing again, but to a lesser degree.It wasnít as bad this time.I probably have seen him maybe two or three times over the years.Had he not given me that running description, I would never have believed anything like that could be possible.


Iíve also had that same kind of description on occasion from others.Since then Iíve felt that the use of the north stimulus is very effective in cases like that.In fact I had worked on my son, John, the night before last, when he injured himself at work.We corrected the problem.He said that he just felt the relaxing of the back, but didnít give any running description.Thatís an example of using the north stimulus.


The drawing of the south stimulus draws energy off.Negative thoughts and negative feelings have negative energy.Negative energy accumulates from stress and various other things.With questioning, I have found the negative energy needed to be drawn off the body.At first Iíd question where is the best location to draw off.Almost invariably it was off the left foot.That seemed to be the most common thing that Iíve done.Now occasionally it was off the top the head or off an abdominal area or off an area where thereís an action, injury or something of that nature.But most often it was the left foot.


The interesting thing that I found is that you touch the body to put energy in.†† Drawing off you give some space for it to come off because if you touch, it would accumulate right there.Then the negative energy accumulated under the skin would become painful.If you drew it off, it came off.It was little things like that that came to me through trial and inspiration.As I would do it, all of a sudden they would say, ďwait a minute, itís burning or turningĒ or something like that.And so I learned that you have to be away from the body.You have to learn how to draw off.So some things I learned just like that.


Thatís how and why you draw off negative energy from others.Actually itís a mental process.When I start to draw I just think of almost like a vacuum drawing off the negative energy.People say they feel it.Whatís interesting is that Iíll be talking to somebody about a problem across the country.When we talk about something, I ask if they feel a drawing sensation in your left foot?ďYeah, and now that you mention it, it really is drawing.ĒAll it is, is that Iím mentally drawing off the negatives that weíve been talking about - the negative feelings theyíre having, that they are forgiving for and that I am drawing off.They say they can feel it.Then the people would ask me, ďHow could that happen?Ē


Energy travels at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second.Thatís seven trips around the earth in one second.So, drawing like that, it doesnít take that long to draw off energy into the air and get it in the mind.As far as physically, I donít have a conduit or a direct wire anything like that.I donít do it over the telephone wires.They would ask, ďDo you do this by proxy?ĒWell, I could say surrogate, most people think of surrogate mothers or something like that, so I stay away from that term.I guess the frustration I have is that some people feel like they have the corner on ďproxyĒ, ďintelligenceĒ, and certain other words, which they donít, but they think they do.I guess theyíre fearful that people will misunderstand.


How did you discover these and learn how they (north & south stimulus) worked?Like I said, it just came to me.Then people started coming to me with a problem that and I wouldnít know how to deal with.You canít turn away these people that say theyíve been everywhere and then came to me as a last resort.In fact, we talked about putting ďThe Last ResortĒ on the front door.


When did you first begin to use kinesiology or muscle response testing?That I used right away.Morter didnít use that.What Morter did is that he would turn the feet out and check the tension of the feet.He used that method.I call it muscle response testing because what I found was that kinesiology was to test muscles and various muscle groups in the body.I just actually used the arm so I just call it muscle response testing.What I found is that the subconscious responded to a question.It responded to truth and an untruth.It was cheaper than buying a polygraph.We just found that that worked very well.


I do feel that itís very much misused in society.A lot of people have questioned it.Are you using it for determining whether I should do this or whether I should do that, whether I should buy this or whether I should buy that?I donít think thatís appropriate.As I use it, itís for the well being of the individual.What theyíre using it for is to ask questions to tell the future and whether or not they are going to have male or female child, and who knows what all else they use it for.I feel like itís very much misused.


Chiropractors use it extensively.People who sell vitamins use it a lot of the time.Iíve had people come in to the office ten years ago who said that they had been using it for years.They put some vitamins in your hand and if the vitamins were good your muscle would stay strong.They would put in as many as they thought you needed and push down on your arm.You know, if they gave you too many, your arm would go down.They had all kinds of things like that.Iím not saying that that doesnít work, but what I found is that there is a real skill involved in doing it.Thereís some great misuse, because a lot of people could misuse it.I happen to know that anybody can use it to control the responses inappropriately.I do know that whether somebody believes in something or not, you can force an answer.Iíve seen it happen.John Diamond talks about muscle testing in his book, ďYour Body Doesnít LieĒ, which was first published in 1978 or 1979.


What do you mean when you say, ďQuestioning the Intelligence?ĒThatís one of those words that some people have a hard time with.We found that it would be better to use the ďsubconsciousĒ because that doesnít seem to offend people.Questioning the subconscious?In chiropractic we are taught that every living being has an innate intelligence which governs it and directs it.This innate intelligence or subconscious or whatever you call it is the ghost in the machine, so to speak.Directly, we canít draw on our subconscious or intelligence.If we could, I could ask the person why do you have this particular health problem and they could go into great detail and explain it, but we canít.All we know are the symptoms and what it feels like.I can see that itís this way and I can feel that itís this way, but I canít tell you why itís this way.By questioning the subconscious or intelligence, we could find out what the subconscious reaction was.My feeling is that it is the subconscious that affected the muscle response to a question.If the statement or the answer was correct then the arm stays strong.If itís incorrect it will go weak.I believe it was a response from the subconscious or intelligence.


From the book Chiropractic Text Book by R. W. Stephenson, page 32, thatís xxxii, of the introduction, I quote, ďInnate intelligence:a living thing has an inborn intelligence within itís body called the Ďinnate intelligenceí.The mission of innate intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of the living thing in active organization.ĒThatís their definition and thatís how I would describe it. Thatís what I was taught as a chiropractor.If you havenít experienced the reaction of the muscle response testing to a correct answer and then to an incorrect answer, then it would be hard for you to understand what Iím talking about.What Iím talking about is being able to question the intelligence.I donít know exactly what causes the muscle weakness to an untruth, but I believe that it is the innate intelligence talked about in chiropractic.

How do you know that our intelligence can tell us what illnesses we have?I donít think that it can tell us what illness we have.I think that if we ask the right questions, or phrase them correctly then we can get an idea of whatís going on.Illnesses are our way of saying that there is a problem in the body.In other words, we put labels on the body like muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis or arthritis.We have these fancy labels into which we categorize peopleís health problems.As far as how the intelligence will respond to that, I donít know.


What Iím saying is that almost all sicknesses are the result of our inability to deal with stress.†† When we have stresses that we canít deal with in life, our intelligence will allow us to punish ourselves or to escape from a situation or to justify some feelings we have of anger or frustration, or whatever by having health problems.Thatís been my experience.I find that if a person deals with the stress in their life, their intelligence or subconscious generally will direct the body to heal.Iíve used the word Ďintelligenceí for so long that itís second nature to say.I donít really have a problem but apparently otherís do, so Iíve got to remember to say Ďsubconsciousí.


As far as real illness that we have, I donít generally go into that.I donít feel the need to put a label on it.I feel like whatever it is, the subconscious knows and will take care of it.I have had people that have been diagnosed with cancer and with a whole lot of other things.Once weíve dealt with the stress, the symptoms went away.One thing that I caution people that I teach: We donít heal anything.We donít heal any disease.We donít heal any person. We donít heal anything.We have a person dealing with stress in their life.What their subconscious chooses to do about it is up to them.


Letís say that a person is punishing themself because of some inappropriate behavior.Once they repent and forgive, they take care of whatever it is that theyíre punishing themselves for.Thereís no longer need for the punishment, so they allow the problem to heal.Letís say that the person is escaping from a situation.Maybe they donít want sing in Church.So they develop bronchitis so that they donít have to sing in Church.Once the stress is removed then they no longer need the bronchitis. Perhaps theyíve decided to ask somebody else to sing, or maybe the day has passed and they didnít have to sing after all.Then they can clear out and then they can heal.Very seldom does the bronchitis clear up so that they can sing if they really donít want to.Our intelligence or subconscious will protect us.It will give us whatever we need to justify what we want.I know that itís really hard to say, ďYou mean, I developed this cold so that I wouldnít have to talk in Church?I wouldnít do that.ĒBut believe me, our subconscious can very creative.It can do whatever we want it to.I had many ear infections to justify not wanting to go swimming with the rest of the Boy Scouts.


How do you use muscle response to discover a personís illnesses?I generally donít get into illnesses.I may ask, ďDo you have a physical health problem, yes or no?ĒIf itís yes, I probably wonít go into it.I will say, ďDo you have a physical ailment due to stress?ĒOr I may ask, ďDo you have symptoms of a physical health problem due to stress?ĒAnd then we deal with the stress.But as far as the actual physical health problems, I donít get into that.A lot of people come to me because of physical health problems, but most of them realize that there must be a stress behind it that theyíre not dealing with well.We can then take care of the stress.I make sure they understand that Iím not going to fix their health problems.Thatís not my intent, and thatís not what I do.Iím not a healer.Iím not a physician.Iím not working as a doctor.Iím working as a stress management consultant.Letís be clear on that.


Can muscle response testing be used to discover more than illnesses?Yes, it can be used to find out what the stress is that the person needs to be sick from.Thatís the main thing that I use it for.I mainly use it to determine what the stress is and then how deal with stress.Discovery of stress, not illness, is the main thing I use muscle testing for.Itís important to realize that this technique isnít for everyone because not everyone is willing to take responsibility for their own lives and their own stress.Itís a lot easier to blame the nasty bacterial infection or the fact that you coughed on me, or anything other than the fact that I am responsible for me and my feelings.I want to blame it on somebody else.And so, for people who have that attitude or those feelings, I say, this isnít for them.They canít handle it.


This technique would be a hard thing for people who have been programmed in the medical world to look to their doctor to give them pills or to cut out whateverís not doing itís job.Thatís too simple.They wonít even consider the fact that our subconscious has the ability to heal.We think that the person or the doctor healed us.We went to the doctor to get some pills and that healed us.No, weíre the ones that heal.Our own subconscious or intelligence or whatever you want to call it has the ability to heal the body.It also has the ability to allow the body to get sick.Why do we need that?We need it to punish ourselves or to escape a situation or to justify some kind of feelings.Those are the three basic reasons to get sick.To punish themselves, to escape from a situation or a person or justify some kind of feelings, such as anger, fear, frustration or depression.


How and when did you first encounter Ďnegative entitiesí in your work?Probably the first recollection I have, probably my first encounter was when I had a guy come to me that was really upset.He was a friend of mine and was really upset because he seemed to be a really nice guy.Everybody knew he was a really nice guy.He said, ďI feel like a Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.I have a nice day at work and Iím feeling really nice and then I go home and just have feelings of anger.Iím mean to my wife and physically beat her and things like that.I donít know where thatís coming from.I love her, but itís just like I walk in the door and just all of a sudden I have these angry feelings and I want to do something terrible.Ē


Well, being a chiropractor, I was sure it was some problem of the nervous system.I was sure that it must be an infection in the nervous system that was causing this man to react this way.So I searched everything that I could in an attempt to find out what would be causing those kinds of symptoms.I read everything that I could get my hands on.I read anything that had to do with the nervous system that might be causing that.I couldnít find anything.I thought it was some kind of infection that was affecting the nervous systems but I couldnít find anything to confirm that.


One day he came to me and he was just in tears.He said I just donít know what Iím going to do.I canít continue on like this.Iím going to have to leave or something, I donít know.He was just really distraught.I felt the real need to help him find out what it was.After he left, and everybody else had left the offices for the evening, I went into my private office.I thought, the scriptures tell us to pray over our crops and over our flocks in our fields and so forth.I feel the need to pray over this manís problem that I might be able to help him as a chiropractor.So I went into my private office after he left.I closed the door.I knelt down and began to pray.I asked the Lord what I could do.I asked him what the problem was.I asked him to help me understand the infection that this man had.


All of a sudden, I knew it wasnít an infection.I knew exactly what it was, and I knew that the negative entities knew that I knew.From then on, it was like the war was on.They were determined to stop me in my work.My thought and my feeling was that ďI donít want to deal with this.I donít want to have anything to do with this.Iíve never found anything like this.Iím not going to tell anybody.ĒIt was probably a couple of months before I told anybody about it.I think I might have told my wife about it first.


The man came back after a couple of months and I finally told him what I had discovered.He said, ďThatís exactly what I felt it was.I felt like I had been controlled by a negative entityĒ.I said, ďWhy donít you go to your bishop and get a Priesthood blessing.Heíll take care of itĒ.And he said, ďokayĒ.He came back a day or so later and he said, ďThe bishop told me that I donít have any negative entities bothering me. He (the bishop) said, Ďyou wear the garment, and you hold a temple recommend.You canít be bothered by negative entities.íĒThe man then said to me, ďYou hold the priesthood, donít you?ĒI said, ďyesĒ.To which he then said, ďwill you command it to leave my body?ĒI said ďsureĒ.


So we went into my private office.This wasnít a paid office visit.I commanded it to leave and I felt it go.I just felt a sensation of it leaving.The man said he felt the same thing and thanked me.As far as I know, he did fine after that.So from then on, my feeling was that thatís what had to happen.The only way to get negative entities to leave was to command them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.So at first I refrained from using my priesthood on him.Generally he got a similar response from me as to what he got from his bishop.Some of those whom he asked for blessings questioned as to ďwho in the world would have put the thought into your head that you were being bothered by a negative entityĒ.


He said that occasionally, he would ask a Bishop or other priesthood holder to give him a blessing.The brother giving the blessing would feel impressed to say something about evil spirits, but it was generally some kind of very non-direct suggestion.They would use words to the effect of that if in fact there were negative entities that they might leave.This didnít seem to be too successful, because no voice of commanding authority was used.It was too much of a Ďmightí or Ďmayí, with no direct commands.


That was how I came to find out about negative entities.I ignored what Iíd been given a couple of months because I didnít want to deal with it.Finally it came very clear to me in my mind.If you really intend to help people, youíre going to have to deal with this issue.I didnít want to.Iíve never wanted to.But I also know that when you donít deal with them, they can continue to cause problems.


Just exactly what are the negative entities and how do they influence us?A negative entity would be anyone that follows the adversary.My study and experience indicates that the third of the host of heaven that followed Lucifer, referred to as devils or demons, have never had a body and never will.Evil spirits, then, are spirits of people who have lived here on the earth and become tied to the earth because of physical appetites and passions.From death on, they remain in the spirit prison.I base this on my experience in working with people and my understanding of the scriptures as well as personal understanding to meet this need.


Iíve also studied and read about unclean spirits and believe that I have been given inspiration and answers to my questions.Unclean spirits are spirits, like evil spirits, who have had bodies but have chosen to stay in the spirit prison for whatever reason.They stay not necessarily because of addictions but sometimes because of want to be with someone whoís still here in the physical world.Maybe they feel that they havenít worked out things that they were supposed to.But for various reasons, they seem to want to stay here, in the spirit prison which seems to be all around us.From my study, those are the basic types of negative entities.


How do you know the reality of their existence and influence today?††† Well, Iím sure theyíre not bothering us today.Everybody treats everybody wonderfully! (tongue in cheek)Itís so obvious to me, but for the record and for putting it in writing, if I were to respond to somebody who said, ďthere are no evil spirits todayí, I say, ďI know from personal experience in my work over the past several years, that there are evil spirits in the world today.ĒRemember that thereís a difference between evil spirits just bothering people and actual possession.Somebody once used a non-technical analogy that goes like this: Ďsomehow they have these little rays or darts.Their power or influence is in these little darts that they can shoot out at you.A suggestion here, a negative thought there.Possession is when you actually give in to their suggestions and believe them.This then lets them into your body.


Can negative entities actually possess us?When a person allows them to completely take over we call it schizophrenia.When we allow several spirits to completely take us over we call it multiple personality.They take over to the degree that we allow them.The more that we encourage them, the more power they have over us.That's the problems with multiple personality disorder work.They encourage the personalities, or evil spirits to come forth.They say, Ďweíre going to integrate all these personalities, and bring them forth to find out more about them.íThat bringing them forth gives them more power.Pretty soon the evil spirit is running the person.Then they take over at will.Iíve worked with enough of them to know that thatís exactly what it is.Multiple personality is simply multiple evil spirits.


This answers the question of what homosexuality really is.When a female spirit is controlling a manís body, the man says, ĎI feel like a female trapped a manís body.íThatís that evil spirit talking.They really do feel like a female trapped in a manís body.Theyíre trying to get that man to want other men, because thatís what they want.The same thing applies to a male spirit trapped in a femaleís body.I think that if we would look to that, we would see the answer to what homosexuality is about.Thatís the frustration with so many today.In their understanding of what homosexuality is about, they feel is that itís terrible but they donít know how to help people deal with it.I know how to help people deal with it, if they want to.


What gives them their ability to get to us is that we have some kind of weakness or guilt or something that they use as a handle to hold onto.Fear, anger, or any number of things are what I call handles.That gives them the ability to hang on to us.When you go through and you repair and forgive, you get rid of the handles.They now donít have much of a grip on you.Thatís why, as I worked with people where we also dealt with negative entities, we would first get rid of the handles.Then the person would command the negative energy to leave, and they (the evil spirits) would leave.


Often times people get priesthood blessings, but because they didnít have much faith in the blessing, they didnít get rid of the cause, or the handle.The person would have the priesthood blessing and the evil spirit would be gone temporarily, but then they would come right back again.Why?Because they hadnít taken care of the guilt, or anger, or fear or whatever they had that allowed the evil spirits to be there in the first place.Thatís why Iíve found it to be so effective to deal with stress first.


How can we be sure that we are free of negative energies and their influence?By living up to our value standards, repenting of sin and forgiving others and ourselves.Thatís how you keep them out.And even then you can have new stresses that get in and have the ability to bother us.If you suspect theyíre there, tell them to leave.If you donít think that theyíre there, then donít worry about it.Donít go around fearing and saying, ďam I under the influence of a negative entity?ĒI donít want people to have that kind of fear.I think we need to eliminate fear completely.The perfect love of Christ casteth out all fear.If we become Christ-like, then we have no need to fear.