Tim Malone, MCSE - Camarillo CA - 805-445-4847 - tim at 3tcm.net
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 !  Contact information for Tim Malone, MCSE


Tim resides in Camarillo which is near Ventura California

He is on location at the Burbank airport two days a week

You can find Tim on Dice, Linked-In and several other sites

The best way to contact him is via email tim at 3tcm.net

You can leave a message at Tim's home at 805-445-4847

He will provide his cell phone once initial contact is made

Tim is not trying to be difficult to work with or hard to contact

He just gets too many calls for work that isn't a good match

Thanks for understanding and reviewing Tim's web site

 !   Tips on what Tim is looking for:

I already have a regular full-time job

I may consider short-term projects

I prefer long-term business relationships

My focus is on Small Business Server

I am a consultant to All-City Computers

I love to setup new small networks

I'm not interested in travel for work

No out-of-area contracts please

I'm looking for local consulting

My schedule is very flexible

Evening and Saturday work is best

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